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If you know a retired NFL football player who is having trouble navigating thru life due to concussion’s from playing in the NFL I can help. I can come to your city and work directly with the player and  help him access the many different benefits that they are entitled to. It is very difficult for the agencies that are in place to work directly with the players if they have concussion issues as it is very difficult for the player to process things causing great frustration. Also there is a lot of paperwork to file and they have to be examined by brain Doctors that the NFL care foundation has in place.

When I met Kenny Graham in May of 2016 he was living under a fig tree on his vacant lot in Bakersfield and now he has housing and all his medical taken care of in 5 months.

Our skill set is in relating to former NFL players who are suffering from the effects from playing in the NFL. Our first priority is medical treatment and housing and then we go from there.

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Our involvement with a player revolves around a lot of conversations and a lot of talking about football! We deal with one thing at a time until the player is well adjusted and has received everything they’re entitled to.






Below Kenny with is NFL care foundation appointed nurse and social workers. They are responsible for taking care of Kenny’s doctor appointments and basic needs such as making sure his Rialto motorhome is working and his tags are current and they also furnished his apartment that the NFL care foundation provided him with everything he needs.

Above is Brookdale, Kenny’s new quarters provided by the NFL care foundation, right Kenny gets introduced to his private nurse and social worker that are at his beck and call thanks to the 88 plan that the NFL players association has in place.

In order to qualify Kenny had to fill out a lot of paperwork, answer 600 questions at a brain phycologist’s office and travel to Los Angeles to be evaluated by a neurosurgeon. This was no easy task because Kenny can be very stubborn and also deals with short term memory loss. I can’t even begin to describe how difficult the task was to get this done.

Currently Kenny is now staying at BROOKDALE, who partners with the NFL. This is a licensed facility equipped with a professional staff. Kenny has his own completely furnished apartment and their is also a restaurant that serves breakfast lunch and dinner. The cost of this facility is $3,000 a month and is covered by the 88 plan named after former Baltimore Colts player John Mackay!


Kenny at the boarding house, temporary housing until he is cleared to stay at Brookdale.





They were nice enough to put up some pictures of Kenny in the mess hall and get him a birthday cake.

Kenny takes a tour of Brookdale with longtime friend Howdy Miller.









Help For Former NFL Players, NFL Players Advocate

Reasoning with the player can be exhausting at times!

Help For Former NFL Players, NFL Players Advocate

Former SD Charger Kenny Graham going from under the fig tree to the extended stay thanks to the NFL player care foundation.

Help For Former NFL Players, NFL Players Advocate

But with genuine care great strides can be made in just a couple of months.

We are an agency that advocates for former NFL players that need help accessing benefits they are entitled to.

We specialize in accessing grants set up to aid players with medical and financial assistance. We also know how to navigate the waters in the class action concussion lawsuits against the NFL and NCAA.

Former San Diego Charger Kenny Graham getting his glasses > courtesy of the NFL Player care foundation.

We also assist in obtaining a grant (up to $20,000) from the Gene Upshaw Trust fund.



We have a working relationship with the NFL players care foundation and work together to help players get to their medical appointments. Also certain Neuropsychological testing is required in order to qualify for long term housing and financial benefits from the NFL Players Care Foundation.

We take a direct interest in each client that involves a lot of one on one time talking mostly about football and intermediately about benefits. We have learned thru our dealings that these amazing athletes cannot be overwhelmed with details as it can cause great frustration for them trying to process things due to concussion issues.

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Powerful Drug Lawsuit

(NFL teams and staff dispensed drugs, benny’s)

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