NFL Players advocate

Kenny Graham


Kenny Graham is our first client. Kenny played for the San Diego Chargers from 1964-70 and was an all-pro 5 times. We met Kenny by chance at the downtown post office in Bakersfield California.

At the time Kenny was living under a fig tree on a vacant lot he inherited from his Father despite having a monthly income of $2,000. Because of concussion issues he could not process paying rent when he could live free and clear on his property and just pay the taxes.

After exhausting countless family members we stepped in and in 2 months were able to get media coverage that escalated his situation to top priority. And with a relentless attitude we were able to secure new housing for Kenny and address his medical needs.





After unsuccessfully trying to reason with Kenny we decided to just roll with him and see what happens. After about 30 lunch’s and dinners, talking hours upon hours about his playing days, arranging get togethers with old friends and team-mates we made a break-thru.

We were able to persuade Kenny to give up his 7 dogs that had congregated on his lot and move into an extended stay Inn that the NFL Players care foundation provided thus sparing him from 100 degree weather that was fast approaching.





The NFL players foundation also said they wanted to pay for Kenny’s medical needs and begin to set appointments for Kenny to get the care he needed.

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